Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Chiricahua National Monument

About 27 million years ago a large volcanic eruption deposited huge quantities of ash in what is present-day Arizona.  After the ash solidified, years of erosion slowly turned the deposits into school-bus-sized columns of rock.  I drove by the monument and stopped for a day of hiking around the towers and canyons in the spring of 2010.  Some of the towers were so tall that they could not fit in one image, so I had to stack two panoramas on top of each other to accurately capture this scene.  I especially liked the near-human qualities of some of the profiles of the rocks.

Echo Canyon Towers, Chiricahua National Monument, AZ


One response

  1. stphblog

    this is an amazing shot… i really like the b&w conversion…

    June 13, 2011 at 10:49

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