Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Clouds, Smoke, Stars, Mountains

I traveled up to Santa Fe last week to hike and take some pictures.  I walked to the top of Atalaya Mountain (about 8800 feet in elevation) around 6 PM as the sun was starting to get low in the Western sky.  I decided to sit on a rock and take a quick panorama before heading down the mountain.

Atalaya Evening, Santa Fe National Forest, NM

After a few nights in Santa Fe, I took the train back to Albuquerque.  Strong winds blew smoke up from the fire on the AZ/NM border, and I decided to try and capture the smoky sky and fast-moving clouds after sunset using a 30-second exposure.  The wind blurred the trees and clouds, but the barn in the foreground and stars in the background were crisp and in focus.

Smoke and Shadows, outside Albuquerque, NM


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