Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Fifth Avenue Sandstone

As a photographer and geologist, I love to travel in Utah.  I spent a few days in Canyonlands and Arches in late June on my drive up to Wyoming.  However, quick snapshots of the various arches in the parks are a dime a dozen.  Photographers form a line to shoot a few photos of Delicate Arch at sunset.  I chose to opt-out of photographing many of the popular arches at sunset- it’s too packed and there is no feeling of isolation or awe with people pushing to take a picture.  To escape the crowds and attempt to shoot something different, I chose to take some panoramic photos around sunset of Fifth Avenue canyon and the rock towers in the area.  In this panorama I waited until the sun set low enough that the towers on the West side of canyon were casting dramatic shadows below the towers on the East walls.  I also tried to capture Courthouse Tower in the lower-left corner of the frame at the end of the canyon.

Fifth Avenue Sunset, Arches National Park, UT


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