Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Volcanic Stream

Last spring after a muddy ride through the Páramo (high-elevation tropical ecosystem around 3,000 m altitude, located between cloud forest and snow line) in southern Colombia, I got off the bus in the middle of the mountains to visit a series of hot springs and waterfalls on the side of a volcanic mountain chain.  This small section of the national park could be reached after a short walk on a path through the forest.  The hidden valley was covered in rocks and yellow-stained sand.  Green grass, cacti-like plants, and moss surrounded the rocks and steaming streams.  The entire valley was contained in a bowl on the side of the mountain and blanketed in clouds.  The whole scene looked like it had been taken off a movie set from a hidden, prehistoric island at the end of the Earth.  It was difficult to capture the clouds and the vegetation in one shot because the exposures were so different, but with a little tweaking in Photoshop I was able to bring out detail in the clouds and the grass.

San Juan Volcanic Stream, Puracé, Colombia


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