Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Upper Fremont Glacier

I was recently reading about the historic levels of atmospheric mercury recorded in the ice deposits of the Upper Fremont Glacier in Wyoming’s Wind River Range.  The USGS took an ice core of the glacier, and as a geologist, photographer, and environmental science teacher, it was exciting to see that my former employer had done a study in the same incredibly remote place I had camped for a few nights.  This panorama was taken facing south towards Fremont Peak while standing on the moraine.  The large, roughly horizontal line running across the face of the glacier is the bergschrund at just below Fremont Peak.  To the left you can see one of our tents in the windswept campsite.

Upper Fremont Glacier, Wind River Range, WY (12″x52″)


One response

  1. Beautiful shot Luke.

    March 4, 2012 at 17:06

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