Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Canyon de Chelly at Sunset

After posting last week’s pre-sunrise panorama of Canyon de Chelly, I thought it would be fitting to post a panorama of a pre-sunset photo of a different location in the same canyon.  As I stated a week ago, the sun creates high-contrast lighting conditions in the canyon.  This lighting condition can be both good and bad for a photographer- long shadows make for a dramatic scene, but it is hard to get a good exposure of this scene.  However, using HDR (by shooting over- and under-exposed images combined to make one, averaged photo) a sunset image in a canyon like this is possible without “blown out” highlights and completely black shadows.  Although the effect is quite different than the pre-sunrise photo, I think this is still a successful image (although less successful due to the high contrast lighting conditions).

Tsegi Overlook Sunset, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, AZ (16″x48″)


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