Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Clearing Storm over Vermillion Cliffs

Clouds, clouds, clouds: storm clouds, rain clouds, and winter clouds- I realize the theme of changing weather has been emerging in my work recently.  This is one of my favorite panoramas from my recent backpacking trip to the Arizona/Utah border.  When I saw the clouds hanging over the Vermillion Cliffs, I had to pull over and take a few photos- what photographer couldn’t pass this up?  The moisture from the rain and snow turned the sandstone dark red, and the fog hanging over the cliffs gave the rocks a moody look.  I printed this photo on canvas, and it is going up with some of my other panoramas (and the work of the amazing artist, Beata Wehr) here in Tucson on April 19 at Petroglyphs Gallery.  Contact me if you want details about the gallery opening.

Vermillion Cliffs and Clearing CloudsVermillion Cliffs and Clearing Clouds, outside Marble Canyon, AZ (16″x64″)



One response

  1. Dollinger

    Wow, Luke! Great that you are having some of your photos at a gallery showing! Wonderful! You have MANY fabulous photos!

    April 1, 2013 at 19:41

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