Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Timico Lake

Timico Lake remains one of my favorite camping spots above tree line in the Winds. Bald, snow-patched peaks surround Timico Lake, which sits in a valley at about 10,500 feet. Sandy beaches line the shores of part of Timico Lake, and the water reflects the light bouncing off the peaks in the early morning. However, this valley hosts some of the most aggressive mosquitoes I have ever encountered- they do not hover, but instead dive at your arms and face.  They managed to bite through two or three layers of synthetic clothing while I was setting up my tent and taking some photos.  Despite the presence of these nasty insects, I still love camping here for a night or two while leading backpacking trips. I took one panorama around sunset of a peak to the south and another panorama around sunrise looking out over the lake.  You can see our tent in the bottom-right corner of the second panorama.

Peak South of Timico LakePeak South of Timico Lake, Wind River Range, WY (16″x42″)

Timico Lake SunriseTimico Lake Sunrise, Wind River Range, WY (16″x45″)



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