Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Angel Peak Approach Sunrise

Although it’s always a little rough to drag myself out of my sleeping bag at 4:00 AM at ~10,500 feet, once I get moving on a peak ascent morning, it’s always worth the effort. We lit up the dark, damp pre-dawn air with headlamps, crossing frigid streams and wading through willows wet with dew. Our base camp was on a terrace of rocks and boulders a few hundred feet above Upper Golden Lake on the east side of the Divide, and we followed a ridge and drainage to reach Lake 10885 on the next terrace. The sun started to peak over the horizon to the east as we walked over a rise, and the golden glow lit up Lake 10885 and the surrounding cliffs. I took this panorama as quickly as I could to catch the morning light before continuing on to Angel Peak.

Angel Peak Approach SunriseAngel Peak Approach Sunrise, Wind River Range, WY (13″x42″)


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