Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Big Sky on the West Side of the Divide

After crossing over the Divide on Angel Pass, I stopped to look back up at the giant slabs of rock leading up to Angel Peak, where we has just summited the day before. With this first panorama, I tried to convey the feel of the steep cliffs and the fin-like peak cutting through the open sky.  I took the multi-frame panorama (first panorama below) to capture the large boulders and slabs of rock in the foreground, the Pass just below the Peak, and the Peak and open sky in the background.

I took the second panorama a few days later when our instructor team arrived in camp before the students. We set up our tent near 11,000′ just southwest of Upper Jean Lake on a slope littered with lichen-covered rocks and small white wildflowers. A panoramic view of Stroud Peak to Henderson Peak dominated the skyline to our northeast (second panorama below).

Angel Peak from the Southwest PassAngel Peak from the Southwest Pass, Wind River Range, WY (22″x22″)

Stroud to HendersonStroud to Henderson, Wind River Range, WY (16″x40″)


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