Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Shannon Pass to Sulphur Peak

We left our camp early in the morning after a night spent near Upper Jean Lake (see last week’s post) and crossed over Shannon Pass. I stopped to take this panorama (see first panorama) of the snowfield near the top of the pass when we took out packs off for a quick break. I liked the receding triangular shape of the snowfield that led the eye back to the meltwater ponds and bare rocks. We crossed from the pond on the left, behind the snowfield (middle of panorama), and over the pass to the right. Early that afternoon, we set up camp in the grass surrounding glacial erratics and (old) rock fall in the valley on the north side of Stroud Peak and Sulphur Peak. I took the other two panoramas in the evening as the sun was setting down valley and clouds were billowing up over Sulphur Peak.

Shannon Pass SnowfieldShannon Pass Snow Field, Wind River Range, WY (16″x37″)

Sulphur Peak SunsetSulphur Peak Sunset, Wind River Range, WY (16″x49″)

Sulphur Peak and CloudsSulphur Peak and Clouds, Wind River Range, WY (12″x18″)


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  1. Nice series, good drama.

    November 10, 2013 at 14:35

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