Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Cube Rock Pass to Summit Lake

These last few photographs cover the penultimate days of our backpacking course over the summer. After crossing Cube Rock Pass, I took the first panorama looking north down a long ravine. This valley could have been nightmarishly slow to descend, but fortunately someone had cut a path (bottom right of panorama) through the majority of the large “cube rocks,” and we only had to boulder hop with our packs through a few sections before ascending over another pass. Streams trickled through the cracks between the rocks and small wildflowers poked up between rocks on both sides of the path. Later that afternoon, we sat out a thunderstorm outside our camp near Summit Lake while we waited for our students. I took the second panorama as the storm started to clear off and another series of clouds rolled in.

Cube Rock Pass RavineCube Rock Pass Ravine, Wind River Range, WY (16″x30″)

Summit Lake and Storm CloudsSummit Lake and Storm Clouds, Wind River Range, WY (13″x55″)


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