Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Final Days in the Winds

I always have mixed feelings about leaving the backcountry at the end of a NOLS course. After leading 12 students through the mountains for ~30 days, I’m usually a bit tired, but I never really want to leave the backcountry. Every day there is a new, spectacular view, and I feel lucky that this job allows me to spend an extended stretch of time in such a raw, gorgeous wilderness.

Here are my last two panoramas from my trip over the summer. The first is an HDR (high-dynamic-range) panorama looking back at the backbone of the Winds as a storm cleared. I used HDR so I could capture the range of exposures in the clouds, foreground, and background. The gap in the hillside in the foreground provides a small window with a view of the sunlit core of the range. The second panorama (non-HDR) is actually from the previous summer, but taken at a similar location high on a mesa of rock just to the south of Kenny Lake. The third panorama is a double-stacked (non-HDR) panorama that I took while cooking breakfast on a steep hillside a few days later.

Window Looking Back to the WindsWindow back to the Winds, Wind River Range, WY (13″x39″)

Pond and Snow Bank on the PlateauPond and Snow Bank on the Plateau, Wind River Range, WY (16″x48″)

Sunrise Near Porcupine PassSunrise near Porcupine Pass, Wind River Range, WY (16″x35″)



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