Landscape and Panoramic Photography

The Long and the Short of It

While on my way to Jackson, WY and a wedding in Idaho this fall, I stopped outside Soda Springs around sunset to photograph the cooling towers at a Monsanto mine. The cold wind was blowing the steam/smoke from the towers, so I decided to photograph the scene using both long (~10-30 seconds) and short (~1/50 second) exposures- each exposure length provides its own feel. After sunset, I stopped a few miles down the highway to photograph Caribou  Mountain. The low lighting forced me to use my tripod and a long exposure again, which gave the clouds a blurred, soft look.

CoolingTowers_LongExposureCooling Towers (Long Exposure), outside Soda Springs, Idaho (16″x37″)

Smokestacks_ShortExposureCooling Towers (short exposure), outside Soda Springs, Idaho (16″x37″)

Mountain After SunsetMountain after Sunset, near Grays Lake, Idaho (12″x18″)


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