Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Jackson Hole from Curtis Canyon

While driving through Jackson, WY we decided to stop for a quick hike on the Jackson Peak side of the valley. I pulled over at the Curtis Canyon Campground overlook on our way up to the trail and took these panoramas of the morning clouds and the shadows they cast on the valley. I included both a color version and a black and white version of the photograph in today’s post. The color version emphasizes the glow of the valley floor and the aspen leaves, whereas the black and white version (converted with a yellow/red filter) lets the clouds and shadows dominate the landscape. In a separate compilation, I continued the panorama off to the hillside to the south where one golden aspen stood out in a sea of green trees. The hillside and valley floor panoramas could both connect in one print, but combined they would be about eight to ten feet long.

Jackson from Curtis Color

Jackson Hole from Curtis Canyon (Color), outside Jackson, WY (16″x64″)

Jackson from Curtis BWJackson Hole from Curtis Canyon (B&W), outside Jackson, WY (16″x64″)

Curtis Canyon Camground HillsideCurtis Canyon Hillside, outside Jackson, WY (16″x67″)


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