Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Post-Fire Landscape in the Chiricahuas

Although the towering rhyolite tuff provides a fascinating backdrop for photographs in Chiricahua National Monument, on my last trip to the area I was more interested in the post-fire landscape. The 2011 Horseshoe 2 Fire burned for about a month and a half before containment; it leveled about ~222,000 acres (~350 square miles) of forest and grassland in the area. The fire was so large that it could easily be seen from space (see photos from space on Wikipedia). After the trees burned, erosion in the Monument has taken out some of the trails, and previously forested landscapes are now laid bare. Here are a few of the panoramas I took in the burn in January.

Burned HillBurned Hill, Chiricahua National Monument, AZ (16″x64″)

Burned TreeBurned Tree, Chiricahua National Monument, AZ (16″x52″)


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