Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Nepali Pre-Monsoon Harvest

Late in May, my field partner and I traveled to western Nepal to core a series of lakes in the Jumla area. We had originally planned to core lakes in the Annapurna region, but we discovered mid-trip that the Nepali government had indefinitely postponed the last stage of our permit process to do research in the national parks. We spent two days driving across the sweltering Terai (with a shattered windshield) then wound our way up into the hills to the north to travel to our backup research sites. After a few days driving on semi-paved, then maintained dirt, then unmaintained rutted roads, we arrived at a small town called Raka (a few miles south of Jumla at the end of the highway). We decided to stretch our legs before the long trek the next day, so we walked up the Karnali River valley and watched the pre-monsoon winter wheat harvest. With these panoramas, I tried to capture the expanse of the fielded landscape in the river flood plain. The brown, harvested fields contrasted nicely with the verdant plots that had already been flooded.

KarnaliRiverValleyFields1Karnali River Valley Fields (1), near Jumla, Nepal (16″x82″)

KarnaliRiverValleyFields2Karnali River Valley Fields (2), near Jumla, Nepal (16″x61″)


2 responses

  1. Harold Rhenisch

    Wow, these are fantastic! Thanks!

    September 14, 2014 at 10:20

    • You’re welcome- thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      September 14, 2014 at 19:19

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