Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Gathering Clouds and Storms in Nepal

After crossing a snowfield on the back side of a pass, we took a break with this view across the valley to the west (first panorama). The base camp that we used to get to Pale Daha was nestled in the valley near the snowfields on the bottom right corner of the panorama. On our way out of the mountains a few days later, a hailstorm crept up on us as we were traversing a ridge well above 4000m elevation. It seemed we were out of luck because there was no place to camp and my field partner was suffering from intermediate stage altitude sickness. Fortunately, we came across a rock overhang that provided protection from the storm (second panorama). We waited until the morning  to cross over the final pass before descending to the road.

GatheringStormCloudsOverCampGathering Storm Clouds over Camp, near Jumla, Nepal (16″x54″)

CaveCampandSnowyRidgeCave Camp and Snowy Ridge, near Jumla, Nepal (16″x64″)


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