Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Field Work in the Ecuadorian Amazon

After spending ~6 weeks in May/June coring lakes in Nepal, I returned to Arizona, cleaned the field gear, and hopped on a plane to Ecuador to start a July field expedition in Amazonia. I met our collaborators from Florida Tech in Quito, we loaded our equipment into a mini bus, and then we headed into the rainforest in southern Ecuador near the Peruvian border. After a multi-hour boat ride up a tributary to the Amazon River, we unloaded our gear and hiked through knee-deep mud to our coring site. Although I spent most the day soaked in mud on a mid-lake coring platform, I found a few free minutes here and there when I could pull my camera out of its dry bag to take photographs of the constantly shifting clouds as they passed over our heads.

KumpakDugoutSunsetBWLaguna Kumpak and Dugout, near Yaupi, Ecuador (16″x42″)

KumpakWavyCloudsBoatBWLaguna Kumpak and Evening Clouds, near Yaupi, Ecuador (16″x52″)



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