Landscape and Panoramic Photography

Andes outside Quito, Ecuador

We worked nearly 4 weeks straight coring lakes in the Amazonian lowlands then shipped our samples back to the States. After seeing my field partners off at the airport, I finally had a full day free to explore. To save time so I could cover more terrain before my flight in the evening, I rode the TeleferiQo from the outskirts of Quito (~3100m) up to ~4000m elevation. I hiked up a ridge line towards a peak, passing a horse corral on the way (first panorama). After seeing some spectacular rays of light poking through the ominous clouds (second panorama), I finally turned around mid-afternoon with enough time to return to Quito, eat dinner, and catch my flight back the States.

HorseCorralCloudsoutsideQuitoHorse Corral and Clouds, outside Quito, Ecuador (16″x56″)

PathandLightthroughCloudsPath and Light through the Clouds, outside Quito, Ecuador (16″x66″)

GrassyHillsRavineGrassy Hills and Ravine, outside Quito, Ecuador (16″x50″)



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