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Evening Light on Frary Peak

Jagged, lichen-covered rocks and gnarled junipers line the backbone of Frary Peak on Antelope Island. As the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake, pink light reflects off the mountains and clouds in the distance.

RocksandJuniperonFraryPeakRocks and Juniper on Frary Peak, Antelope Island, Utah (16″x60″)

SunsetCaveAntelopeIslandSunset Cave, Antelope Island, Utah (12″x18″)

Winter Panoramas on Antelope Island

A partly cloudy, warm winter afternoon made for a perfect winter hike to the top of Frary Peak, Antelope Island. The sunset light was fantastic as fog and clouds surrounded Stansbury Island in the distance.

StansburyIslandfromAntelopeIslandStansbury Island and Clouds, Antelope Island, Utah (16″x50″)

FraryPeakGrassandSunFrary Peak, Grassy Hill, and Sun, Antelope Island, Utah (16″x59″)