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Tracks and Self Help, Durham

Buildings and railroad tracks under clouds passing at sunset in downtown Durham, NC. 80s exposure time.

Time and Self Help, Downtown Durham, NC (12″x20″)

Railroad Tracks and Clouds, Durham

Clouds pass over tracks through downtown Durham, NC. 121s exposure time.

Clouds over Tracks, Downtown Durham, NC (15″x15″)

Time Passes

Clouds mark the time passing by. Sometimes it feels slow, sometimes it feels fast. Sometimes we aren’t paying attention. Sometimes it’s all I can think about.

Clouds over White Building, Downtown Durham, NC (15″x22″)

Parking Deck and Passing Clouds over Downtown Durham

Another long-exposure photograph of passing clouds over the buildings around downtown Durham – I decided to go for the partially desaturated look instead of the color emphasis (previous sunset photograph) or the all black and white from a few weeks ago. 136s exposure time with an ND filter.

Parking Deck, Passing Clouds, and Lucky Strike Tower, Durham, NC (16″x16″)

Asheville River Arts District at Sunset

Passing clouds over industrial structures and the French Broad River in Asheville, NC.

Passing Clouds over Warehouse and Tower, Asheville, NC (15″x22″)

Passing Clouds over Bridge and French Broad River, Asheville, NC (13″x22″)

Black Mountain Tower and Warehouse

Re-visited this industrial park in Black Mountain, NC to shoot passing storm clouds in the late evening.

Passing Clouds over Tower in Industrial Park, Black Mountain, NC (15″x22″)

Passing Clouds over Warehouse in Industrial Park, Black Mountain, NC (15″x22″)

Black Mountain Tower at Night

Tower in an industrial park in Black Mountain, NC near the Black Mountain Ciderworks. 122 second exposure.

Tower in Industrial Park at Night, Black Mountain, NC (12″x18″)

Duke Tower and Passing Clouds

Still trying to find a balance between work, pandemic, and getting out to take photographs in a new location after moving across the country. I recently started taking my camera and tripod in my backpack when I go out cycling, and I was near this tower around sunset yesterday when I decided to stop and take a ~2 minute exposure of the clouds passing over the structure- I love the contrast of the incredibly straight, human-made lines against the smoothed passing clouds in the sky.

Duke Tower and Passing Clouds at Sunset (#1, B&W), Durham, NC (14″x21″)

Bhimdatta, Nepal

This past spring, I returned to Nepal to conduct more field work before the summer monsoon. We spent a few days in May driving west from Kathmandu across the hot, humid Terai (the lowlands near the Indian border) and stopped in Bhimdatta, a border town near the Sarda River. Before heading into the Himalayan foothills to core lakes for our research project, I took a few panoramas of the town.


Evening along Bhimdatta Road, Bhimdatta, far western Nepal, (16″x66″)

Gould Mine Trail, Saguaro National Park

I decided to turn my King Canyon trail hike into a loop, returning along the Gould Mine Trail. Multi-colored tailing piles slide down the hillsides, and saguaro cacti stand watch around this abandoned building above the old mine.


AbandonedGouldMineStructureAbandoned Gould Mine Structure, Saguaro National Park West, AZ (16″x40″)

Washington DC Metro

In January 2014, I attended a conference in Washington DC during one of the East Coast cold snaps. Taking long-exposure photographs outside at night after the conference was miserable, so I headed into the Metro to take a few pictures. I’m a sucker for patterns and receding lines, so I decided to focus on the symmetry of the architecture in the subway system.

LightInTheDCMetroReceding and Approaching Light in the DC Metro, Washington DC (16″x38″)

Architecture of Erosion

The dilapidated Standard Oil Products building and sign always catch my eye while driving through northern Arizona and the Navajo Nation on US 160. I have been trying to put together a series on time, erosion, and the human/natural landscape in rural Arizona- I think I’ll use this photo in the series. I took one short and one long exposure to try to capture the sense of time in the photograph. Which do you prefer?

Standard_Oil_Sign_ShortexpStandard Oil (short), near Shonto, AZ (12″x18″)

Standard_Oil_Sign_LongexpStandard Oil (long), near Shonto, AZ (12″x18″)

Basel Cathedral

Here is another composite of photographs from my trip to Switzerland over the summer.  I was trying to capture the 72 meter size of the Elisabethenkirche and the interesting contrast between the contemporary architecture in the foreground and the (neo)Gothic church in the background.

Basel Gothic, Basel, Switzerland (26″x40″)


Basel Train Station at Sunset

I spent part of the weekend looking back through some of my photos from the summer.  After looking at a few hundred photographs, I decided that I needed to settle on something for this week’s post.  Here is a panorama I took around 10 PM at the Basel train station in Switzerland.  I included both a black and white and a color copy- each emphasizes a different aspect of the scene.

Basel SBB (Color), Basel, Switzerland (16″x56″)

Basel SBB (B&W), Basel, Switzerland (16″x56″)