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Lightning Storm from Boulder

After arriving in Boulder, I noticed flashing light off to the east through the trees. I couldn’t hear the thunder, but lightning was striking every half second in the thunderstorm over the plains. I drove up the hill near the NCAR Mesa Lab and took a few 30-second exposures of this storm cloud before heading to bed.


Lightning Storm from South Boulder (#2), Boulder, CO (12″x18″)


Lightning Storm from South Boulder (#4), Boulder, CO (12″x18″)

Flatirons after a Summer Storm

I spent a few weeks doing research in Boulder, Colorado this summer. Every day as I drove in to work, I was treated to a view of the giant slabs of the Flatirons. One morning, I grabbed my camera and took a few photographs as storm clouds rolled over the rocks and trees.

FlatIronsCloudsBWFlatirons and Clearing Morning Storm Clouds, Boulder, CO (16″x39″)