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Tucson Mountains Saguaro Cacti

I went for a January pre winter  storm (in Tucson read: rainstorm) hike in the Tucson Mountains. Cactus spines and arms stood out in front of the approaching clouds.

cactustopcloudstucsonmountainsCactus Top and Clouds, Tucson Mountains, AZ (12″x18″)

cactiinthecloudstucsonmountainsSaguaro Cacti in the Clouds, Tucson Mountains, AZ (12″x18″)

Rocks and Joshua Trees

Here are a few more panoramas of the rock faces and Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park.

JoshuaTreeLandscapeJoshua Tree Landscape, Joshua Tree National Park, CA (16″x49″)

VShadowAndDesertV Shadow and Desert, Joshua Tree National Park, CA (16″x43″)

RockFaceInTheSunRock Face in the Sun, Joshua Tree National Park, CA (16″x46″)

Joshua Trees in February

I took a quick climbing trip to Joshua Tree National Park in early February with a few friends. I brought my camera along to shoot a few panoramas while the others were climbing; here are a few photographs of the Joshua trees, which are a member of the Yucca/agave family.

JoshuaTreeArmsJoshua Tree Arms, Joshua Tree National Park, CA (16″x26″)

EveningJoshuaTreeInShadowsEvening Joshua Tree in Shadow, Joshua Tree National Park, CA (18″x24″)

Night Sky at Camino de Oeste Trail

Camino de Oeste trailhead (a part of the Yetman trail system) begins in the Tucson Mountains just west of the city. I head out to the area for a trail run or an evening walk whenever I get the chance. Here are a few long-exposure photographs of the wash after dark. I particularly liked the way the relatively stationary stars anchored the sky behind the fast-moving clouds.

SaguaroCloudsNigh2Saguaro and Clouds at Night #2, outside Tucson, AZ (12″x18″)

SaguaroCloudsNigh5Saguaro and Clouds at Night #5, outside Tucson, AZ (12″x18″)

Saguaro and Winter Storm Clouds

Winter storms pound the southeast and northeast with snow, and here in Tucson we get a nice upper atmospheric ridge that suppresses all our moisture. I know, sunny and 85F in February sounds great, but we depend on our winter rains; so far I think I can count one or two small rain storms. While walking around Catalina State Park on one of those rare rainy days last month, I took this vertical panorama of one of my favorite old saguaros. It’s pockmarked and scarred, but somehow majestic as it towers over the trail. I also included a long-exposure photograph I took last winter of the top of the same saguaro as the clouds streamed by in the background.

Saguaro Winter Storm CloudsSaguaro and Winter Storm Clouds, Catalina State Park, AZ (16″x36″)

Saguaro and CloudsSaguaro and Clouds, Catalina State Park, AZ (12″x18″)