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Pass near Búðir, Iceland

Near Snæfellsjökull National Park in northwest Iceland, highway 54 turns north and climbs over a pass. I stopped to photograph a lone hut near the top of the pass.

RedHut_Pass_nearBudhir_IcelandRed Hut on the Pass (near Búðir), northwestern Iceland (16″x49″)

Budhir, Iceland

I spent much of my time in southern Arizona searching for desert falls to photograph during the summer monsoon or winter rain storms. In Iceland, sustained precipitation and snow melt generate constantly flowing rivers and streams. Giant waterfalls cascade over cliffs every few hundred meters along the side of the ring road; it was difficult for me not to stop every five minutes, pull out my camera, set up my tripod, and shoot another panorama. Here is one of the many gorgeous locations along the Ring Road where dramatic clouds billow over cliffs disappearing into the distance.

Cliffs_Falls_nearBudhir_IcelandCliffs and Falls (near Budhir), northwestern Iceland (16″x41″)

End of the Tucson Monsoon

Another angle on the monsoon storm over Tucson.


Monsoon Storm over Tucson from Windy Point, Coronado National Forest, AZ (14″x48″)

Mt Garfield

The Book Cliffs and Mt Garfield watch over the Colorado River as it exits the mountains near Grand Junction, Colorado, and these cliffs always catch my eye when I drive down I-70 towards Utah. Unfortunately, I am usually trying to get somewhere else and choose not to stop in Palisade to photograph the sandstone formation. This year, I stopped for a few minutes (the clouds provided a nice backdrop, so it was hard to resist) and took a few panoramas and long-exposure single-frame photographs of Mt Garfield.

MtGarfieldStreamCloudsMt Garfield and Passing Clouds, near Grand Junction, CO (12″x18″)

MtGarfieldFrontageRoadPanoMt Garfield and Frontage Road, near Grand Junction, CO (16″x48″)