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Ridge to Mt Wrightson

After reaching the top of Elephant Head, I stepped over to the west face of the rock and took a panorama of the fingers of eroded ridges and washes fading into the distance. On the hike down the backbone, I stopped to take a vertical panorama of the ridge leading up to Mount Wrightson, the tallest peak in southern Arizona.


Grass, Rocks, Clouds, and Erosion, Coronado National Forest, AZ (16″x45″)


Ridge to Wrightson from Elephant Head, Coronado National Forest, AZ (16″x30″)

Trail to Elephant Head

Elephant Head is a promontory of rock that juts out to the west of the Santa Rita Mountain Range in southern Arizona. Late this winter, I finally decided to hike up the back of the ridge to the top of the fin of rock. Although this is the least technical of the approaches, it was still a fourth class scramble for the last bit of the walk. The views of the high desert foothills and cliffs along the way are spectacular.


Yucca and Trail to Elephant Head, Coronado National Forest, AZ (16″x53″)


Eroded Cliffs and Fins from Elephant Head, Coronado National Forest, AZ (12″x18″)