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Panorama of Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields

After taking a brief hike up to Devil’s Courthouse, we drove to Graveyard Fields and walked to the Upper Falls- lovely scenery, and a beautiful set of falls at the end of the hike. With a 10-stop ND filter, I made a series of 5-second exposures of the falls as they cascade over the rocks and around the corner.

Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields (Panorama #1), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (18″x45″)

Falls at Graveyard Fields, BRP, NC

Last autumn, I made a few ‘single-frame’ photographs of the falls around the Graveyard Fields area along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but was generally not happy with these images. I recently came across several panoramic images I had been too busy to work on – much better images in my opinion.

Second Falls at Graveyard Fields (Panorama #1), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (19″x50″)

Catawba Falls from below

Catawba Falls from pools below the cascades.

Catawba Falls from below, near Old Fort, NC (15″x18″)

Catawba Falls Panorama

Vertical panorama of Catawba Falls from the side of the cascades.

Catawba Falls from side (panorama), near Old Fort, NC (15.5″x22″)

Catawba Falls

Views of Catawba Falls from the side of the cascades in the middle of the falls.

Catawba Falls from side, near Old Fort, NC (15″x23″)

Cabin Creek Falls, Grayson Highlands, Part 3

I like black and white for emphasizing the abstract, patterns, texture, and form, but a splash of color can often bring some extra depth to landscape photographs. See last week’s post for the black and white versions.

Cabin Creek Falls (Foreground, Color), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (15″x22″)

Cabin Creek Falls and Rock (Color), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (22″x15″)

Cabin Creek Falls, Grayson Highlands, Part 2

A few more angles on the Cabin Creek Falls. Again, I ended up only working on several of the photographs I made while standing in the water- the angles from the rocks just weren’t quite as good.

Cabin Creek Falls (Foreground, B&W), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (15″x22″)

Cabin Creek Falls and Rock (B&W), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (22″x15″)

Cabin Creek Falls, Grayson Highlands, Part 1

I decided to wade around in the water to make several of these photographs of Cabin Creek Falls in Grayson Highlands – glad I got my feet wet. I’d rather be in the water with a tripod than balanced on a slippery rock or try to hop across moss-covered boulders.

Cabin Creek Falls (Mid-ground, B&W), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (15″x22″)

Cabin Creek Falls and Mini Falls (B&W), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (22″x15″)

Cabin Creek, Grayson Highlands, VA

Early in July, I spent the weekend camping and hiking around Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia. Although I think the really spectacular open views of the landscape are found along the Massie Gap – Wilburn Ridge – Mt Rogers trail, there is a nice, relative short (~2-3 miles) loop hike down in the valley near the ridge that goes to Cabin Creek Falls. We decided to hike clockwise around the loop (I’d go this direction again so I can see the falls as I hike up to them along the stream), and I stopped briefly at this small set of falls (not the ‘actual’ Cabin Creek Falls) thinking this was the ‘big attraction’. Cabin Creek Falls next week.

Cascading Water below Cabin Creek Falls, Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (15″x22″)

Falls near Mortimer Campground, NC (Color)

Color version of the falls upstream from Mortimer Campground (black and white last week). I go back and forth about which I like more. There’s a bit more depth in the color I think.

Falls above Mortimer Campground (Color), near Collettsville, NC (15″x15″)

Falls near Mortimer Campground, NC

In late May I took a weekend trip out to western North Carolina just south of Grandfather Mountain. We stayed in Mortimer Campground for several nights- a lovely location where you can hear the stream flowing by as you fall asleep. We hiked up the trail that follows the stream out of camp and came across a few sets of beautiful falls. Here is one of my favorite images from the hike- this week the black and white version, next week the color version.

Falls above Mortimer Campground (B&W), near Collettsville, NC (15″x15″)

East Fork Pigeon River, Blue Ridge Parkway

Playing with exposure time. Basically the same subject and composition, but one photograph is made using a 10-stop ND filter, the other with a polarizing filter, which is ~2 stops. Both images get some amount of blur in the water, but one photograph has a 30-second exposure time, the other 1/6 second. I think a split down the middle (~2 seconds) may have actually been nicer, but I didn’t do it because I didn’t have a mid-range filter!

Falls along East Fork Pigeon River (10-Stop ND Filter), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (12″x18″)

Falls along East Fork Pigeon River (Polarizing Filter), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (12″x18″)

Roaring Fork Creek Falls, NC

Roaring Fork Creek Falls near the base of Mt Mitchell, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Forest. I liked the zig-zag path the water takes down the rocks.

Roaring Fork Creek Falls (Panorama), Pisgah National Forest, NC (16″x36″)

Roaring Fork Creek Falls (Single Frame), Pisgah National Forest, NC (12″x18″)

Snoqualmie Falls Panorama

Panorama of Snoqualmie Falls- wish I had included a bit more foreground as the bottom of the ravine feels cut off in this one. I’ll have to take another trip out there when it’s more foggy/cloudy so I don’t get that burned out white spot in the sky!

SnoqualmieFalls_Color_Pano1Snoqualmie Falls in Late Winter (Color Panorama #1), Snoqualmie, WA (16″x28″)


Snoqualmie Falls in Black and White

Shooting a few long-exposure photographs of Snoqualmie Falls has been on my bucket list, so I decided to check the location off my list last weekend- rainy/cloudy conditions were in the weather forecast, but the sun started poking through the clouds as I got there. Winter sun is usually a relief in the Pacific Northwest, but not for long-exposure photography.


Snoqualmie Falls in Late Winter (BW #1), Snoqualmie, WA (12″x18″)

Fog and Falls along Talapus Lake Trail

The light took on a silver quality as the fog thickened on my hike down from Talapus Lake so I decided to stop and photograph the stream flowing out of the lake.


TalapusLakeTrail_Stream_Fog_Moss_Vertical_ColorFog, Falls, and Trees near Talapus Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA (12″x18″)


TalapusLakeTrail_Stream_Fog_Moss_Panorama_Color.jpgFog, Falls, and Moss near Talapus Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA (16″x36″)


Falls along Creek near Annette Lake

A single-frame photograph of the falls along the creek running out of Annette Lake in western Washington.

HumpackFalls_SingleFrame_1x1.jpgHumpback Falls (Single Frame), Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, WA (16″x16″)

Falls along Humpback Creek

After hiking up to Annette Lake and Silver Peak, I stopped at the falls along Humpback Creek to photograph the moss, rocks, and water. Clouds had moved in throughout the day, providing nice lighting for a few bulb exposures.


Humpback Falls (#1, Color), Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, WA (16″x32″)

Franklin Falls, WA

After moving to the Seattle area from southern Arizona last summer, I took a weekend walk up to Franklin Falls to photograph the South fork of the Snoqualmie River as it cascades over a 70-foot cliff. Large falls are always a treat after living in the desert.

Franklin Falls and Rainbow (#2, Color), near Bend, WA. (12″x18″)

Franklin Falls (#3, B&W), near Bend, WA (16″x46″)

Ring Road Stream and Cliffs, Iceland

Roadside stream cascades over rocks in southern Iceland along the Ring Road.

Cliff_Farm_Stream_SIceland_PanoColor1Cliff, Farm, and Stream (Color #1), southern Iceland (16″x53″)

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

With the blowing spray and crowds of people, taking a photograph that I was satisfied with at Seljalandsfoss was a bit daunting. I found a few brief moments when the wind shifted direction and I was able to take a bulb exposure of the falls from behind.

Seljalandsfoss_Falls_Iceland_SingleFrameSeljalandsfoss (Bulb #1), southern Iceland (12″x18″)

Seljalandsfoss_Falls_Iceland_VertSingleFrame_ShortExpSeljalandsfoss (Short Exposure #1), southern Iceland (18″x12″)

Lower Tanque Verde Falls

After visiting the Upper Tanque Verde Falls in February (see previous week’s post), I hiked up to the Lower Falls in March. The hike to the Lower Falls allowed for a bit of exploration and boulder hopping, but I preferred to photograph the clearly delineated cliff striations at the Upper Falls. After using an ND filter to make the water flatten out, I was able to walk away with at least one good panorama of the Lower Falls.


Glassy Water and Lower Tanque Verde Falls, near Tucson, AZ (16″x54″)

Upper Tanque Verde Falls, Part 3

While photographing Tanque Verde Falls, the striations in the rock kept drawing my attention. I tried to get in close to the cliff face to use the striped rock to both frame the falls and lead the viewer’s eye towards the cascading water.


Striations and Tanque Verde Falls, near Tucson, AZ (16″x36″)

Upper Tanque Verde Falls, Part 2

After taking a few photographs of Tanque Verde Falls from above, I tried to get below the falls to photograph the water from below. I made the main focus of the three-frame vertical panorama the small cascade at my feet, but I tried to capture the larger falls in the upper right corner of the composition.


Looking Up at Upper Tanque Verde Falls, near Tucson, AZ (16″x15″)