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Ice and Sand at Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Icebergs from the retreating Breiðamerkurjökull calve into Jökulsárlón, where they are carried out to the ocean.  The wind and waves then push the melting chunks of ice up onto the black sands of ‘Diamond Beach’ (Jökulsárlón Ice Beach). This is another one of those sweet spots in Iceland where climate and geology combine to make a perfect location to photograph.

Jokulsarlon_Lagoon1_SingleFrameJökulsárlón Lagoon (Single Frame #1), East Iceland (12″x18″)

Jokulsarlon_Ice3_SingleFrame.jpgJökulsárlón Lagoon (Single Frame #3), East Iceland

Jokulsarlon_Ice6_SingleFrame.jpgJökulsárlón Sand and Ice (Single Frame #6), East Iceland





Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Blue-grey icebergs from Breiðamerkurjökull are scattered across the surface of Jökulsárlón. After a few test photographs of the glacial lake, I noticed that I had to keep the exposure length under ~10 seconds, or the icebergs appear blurred as the cold wind pushes the ice slowly across the lake.

Jökulsárlón_Bulb_Pano2Jökulsárlón (Bulb Panorama #2), East Iceland (16″x66″)

Great St. Bernard Pass

I spent a few days this summer visiting my maternal great grandfather’s home town in the mountains north of Aosta, Italy. On my way back to Switzerland, I walked up the back of the “Colle di Gran San Bernardo” and took a few photographs of the clouds as they gathered over the jagged peaks and glaciers of the Alps. I need to visit this place again- I am accustomed to thin air and a long approach to see glaciers near 13,000 feet in Wyoming, but the ice in the Alps is much lower and often easier to reach.

WindowofCloudsoverStBernardPassWindow of Clouds over St. Bernard Pass, near Valais, Switzerland (16″x59″)