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Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields

Another photograph of the Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields, also made with a 10-stop ND filter. This time I decided to get closer to the bottom of the falls to try to capture the whole series of cascades in one (non-panoramic) image.

Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (15″22.5″)


Panorama of Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields

After taking a brief hike up to Devil’s Courthouse, we drove to Graveyard Fields and walked to the Upper Falls- lovely scenery, and a beautiful set of falls at the end of the hike. With a 10-stop ND filter, I made a series of 5-second exposures of the falls as they cascade over the rocks and around the corner.

Upper Falls at Graveyard Fields (Panorama #1), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (18″x45″)

Falls at Graveyard Fields, BRP, NC

Last autumn, I made a few ‘single-frame’ photographs of the falls around the Graveyard Fields area along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but was generally not happy with these images. I recently came across several panoramic images I had been too busy to work on – much better images in my opinion.

Second Falls at Graveyard Fields (Panorama #1), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (19″x50″)