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Nags Head Fishing Pier at Sunset

Here is another coastal bulb panorama (but this time from the Atlantic coast). I took this series of photographs on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on a cool, wet weekend in late November. Perfect for a quiet evening of photography.

NagsHeadFishermansPierNags Head Fishing Pier at Sunset, Nags Head, NC (16″x60″)


La Jolla Coast Bulb Panorama

I have found that stitching together sunrise/sunset bulb exposures to make a panoramic photograph is quite difficult. Although I maintained the 30-second exposure for each frame in the panorama below, the dusk lighting constantly changed as I composed the separate frames of the image. When I stitched the images together, the tones of the ocean did not match at the edges of the images, likely due to both the changing light as well as the different number of waves captured in each frame. After a black and white conversion, I think this photograph turned out well, but I still need to improve my bulb panoramas at the golden hour. Below the panorama I also included a single-frame color photograph of the waves and the sun at sunset.

RocksAndMistyWavesRocks and Misty Waves, La Jolla, CA (16″x45″)


Sun, Waves, and Rocks, La Jolla, CA (12″x18″)

La Jolla Waves on Rocks

Here is another single-frame bulb photograph from the La Jolla coast. I took this photo from the same tripod position as last week’s image, just with a slightly different exposure.



La Jolla Rocks and Pulling Waves, La Jolla, CA (12″x18″)

La Jolla Coast at Sunset

I spend most of my time taking photographs while hiking, backpacking, and climbing in the deserts and mountains of landlocked states in the American West. Occasionally, I have the opportunity to travel to the coast and practice taking one of my favorite types of photographs: the long-exposure (bulb) photograph of ocean waves on rocks. Here is one of my favorite bulb pieces from my brief trip to the California coast a few weeks ago. I will post more panoramas and single-frame photos from this series in the coming weeks.



La Jolla Rocks and Falling Waves, La Jolla, CA (12″x18″)