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Seattle Skyline from West Seattle

Before heading down to the water to do some coastal, pylon-focused bulb exposure work, I decided to shoot a few more traditional ‘Seattle Skyline’ panoramas as the clouds rolled over. When I started, the day was grey and overcast (first panorama), and later in the afternoon the clouds started to part, making for a nice ‘black sky’ backdrop for the texture of the clouds (second panorama).

SeattleSkyline_BW_JoeBlockPark_4Seattle Skyline from Joe Block Park (BW #2), Joe Block Park, West Seattle, WA (16″x55″)


SeattleSkyline_BW_JoeBlockPark_2Seattle Skyline from Joe Block Park (BW #2), Joe Block Park, West Seattle, WA (16″x32″)







Seattle Skyline Bulb Exposure, Part 3

After spending a few minutes walking around scoping out Joe Block Park, I decided to try to use some of the dock/pylons to frame the Space Needle and Seattle skyline (first photograph). Although I liked the idea, I found that a later composition was more successful (second photograph).



Pylons and Rocks Framing Skyline (Bulb #1), Joe Block Park, West Seattle, WA (12″x16″)



Pylons and Rocks Framing Skyline (Bulb #3), Joe Block Park, West Seattle, WA (12″x18″)


Seattle Skyline Bulb Exposure, Part 2

More bulb exposures of Elliott Bay and the Seattle skyline shot from Joe Block park in West Seattle.

JoeBlockPark_RocksBoatsPylons_BulbExpPano_3Pylons, Boats, and Rocks (Bulb Exposure #3), Joe Block Park, West Seattle, WA (16″x37″)

Seattle Skyline Bulb Exposure, Part 1

I was trying to find a few good places to take bulb (long exposure) photographs of the Elliott Bay shoreline, and I came across Jack Block and Joe Block Parks in West Seattle. These former Superfund sites have been recently cleaned up and converted into parks, but they maintain some of the old dock and pylon feel (perfect for an afternoon of bulb photographs when the tide went out and exposed the rocks along the shore).

JoeBlockPark_RocksBoatsPylons_BulbExpPano_2Pylons, Boats, and Rocks (Bulb Exposure #2), Joe Block Park, West Seattle, WA (16″x33″)

Rialto Beach Log, Fog, and Sea Stacks

Late summer fog blankets Rialto Beach.

RialtoBeachLogSeaStack_SingleFrame_BWRialto Beach Sea Stacks and Log, Olympic National Park, WA (12″x18″)


Fog over Rialto Beach

In September, I took a trip out to Olympic National Park and spent a day near Mora and Rialto Beach. Late summer rains blew in and cleared out the smoke from forest fires, leaving low-hanging fog over sea stacks along the coast.


Rialto Beach Sea Stacks and Clouds, Olympic National Park, WA (16″x16″)

Campsite in the Terraced Fields

High winds brought the edge of a thunder storm past our camp in the terraces. Before bed, I watched the lightning flash in the clouds over the nearby hills like strobe lights. When I got up in the morning, fog was clearing off the valley and revealed a cobble stone paved road leading through the fields.

terracecampsunriseTerrace Camp Sunrise, far Western Nepal (16″x70″)

terracecampfogsunriseTerrace Camp Fog and Sunrise, far Western Nepal (16″x69″)

cobble-stoneroadthroughfieldsfogCobble Stone Road through the Fields and Fog, far Western Nepal (16″x50″)

Coring Nepali Foothill Lakes

We cored a lake near Bhimdatta then drove for a day or two along cliffside highways into the Himalayan foothills. The heavy, pre-monsoon air hung around us as we unloaded the trucks and sweated our way up the steep hillside. The river was black with sediment from the nearby rains, and the air was hazy with humidity.

swollenblackenedriverCrossing the Swollen River, far Western Nepal (13″x59″)

towerinthefieldTower in the Field, far Western Nepal (13″x56″)

paththroughterracedfieldsPath through Terraced Fields, far Western Nepal (16″x64″)

Ridge to Mt Wrightson

After reaching the top of Elephant Head, I stepped over to the west face of the rock and took a panorama of the fingers of eroded ridges and washes fading into the distance. On the hike down the backbone, I stopped to take a vertical panorama of the ridge leading up to Mount Wrightson, the tallest peak in southern Arizona.


Grass, Rocks, Clouds, and Erosion, Coronado National Forest, AZ (16″x45″)


Ridge to Wrightson from Elephant Head, Coronado National Forest, AZ (16″x30″)

Grass, Fog, Sandstone Bluffs

As I passed through Prewitt, New Mexico (just east of Gallup) along Interstate-40, I drove through the edge of a winter storm. The clouds had lowered just enough to cover most of the mountains in the distance, but I could barely see the edge of the red sandstone cliffs over the frozen grass and railroad tracks in the foreground.

GrassTrainFogPrewittNMGrass, Train, and Fog, near Prewitt, NM (16″x61″)


Grass, Fog, Sandstone Bluffs, near Prewitt, NM (16″x56″)