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Lucky Strike Tower, Durham at Sunset Part II

Another angle on the Lucky Strike Tower at sunset- image made back in December, 2020. I wanted to include more of the industrial building tops in the foreground on this one. 132s exposure time.

Lucky Strike Tower at Sunset (#2), Durham, NC (13″x21″)

Parking Deck and Passing Clouds over Downtown Durham

Another long-exposure photograph of passing clouds over the buildings around downtown Durham – I decided to go for the partially desaturated look instead of the color emphasis (previous sunset photograph) or the all black and white from a few weeks ago. 136s exposure time with an ND filter.

Parking Deck, Passing Clouds, and Lucky Strike Tower, Durham, NC (16″x16″)

Passing Clouds over Downtown Durham

A few more long-exposure photographs of passing clouds over the buildings around downtown Durham – these focus more on the architecture, patterns, and contrast between the natural (cloud streaming) and the human-made (buildings) than an earlier post that was more about light and time at sunset.

Lucky Strike and Passing Clouds, Durham, NC (16″x28″)

Windows and Passing Clouds, Durham, NC (16″x16″)

Lucky Strike Tower, Durham at Sunset

A few weeks ago, I decided to scout out the Lucky Strike tower in downtown Durham for future photographs – I didn’t plan on any shots turning out well on my first visit, but when I got on the second parking deck, I found the light and passing clouds were just right for a few ~3 minute exposures. Here’s my favorite.

Lucky Strike Tower at Sunset, Durham, NC (16″x28″)