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Spring Clouds over Santa Fe National Forest

Late winter/early spring winds blow tumbleweeds against a fence as clouds pass over the Santa Fe National Forest near Route 16 and Peña Blanca, NM.


Clouds over Santa Fe National Forest, near Peña Blanca, NM (16″x47″)


Tree in Slot Canyon at Tent Rocks National Monument

Erosion has washed away the rocks and soil under the ponderosa pine hanging onto the rock walls in the main slot canyon at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. One of my favorite trees in the world to photograph.


Tree in Slot Canyon, Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, NM (18″x12″)


Spring Rain Clouds over Slot Canyon at Tent Rocks National Monument

Spring clouds over a slot canyon composed of eroded layers of volcanic rock and ash from ancient pyroclastic flows in Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, NM.


TentRocks_SkyWall_BW_March2019Spring Clouds over Slot Canyon, Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, NM (12″x18″)


Ute Mountain and Clouds

On my drive to Boulder, CO, I stopped along US 285 near San Antonio Mountain to photograph the summer clouds passing over the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.


Ute Mountain and Clouds, Rio Arrive County, New Mexico (12″x18″)

Organ Mountains and Sky

A deep shadow across the canyon, harsh light on the peaks, blank blue sky darkened by a red filter.

ShadowedCanyon OrganMountains

Shadowed Canyon in the Organ Mountains, Organ Mountain Natl Mon, NM (16″x55″)

Organ Peak and Boyd Sanatorium

The setting sun casts long shadows through the tufts of grass and yucca poles in the foothills; the angled light provides a sense of depth to the peaks.

PathBoydSanatoriumOrganPeakPath to Boyd Sanatorium and Organ Peak, Organ Mountains Natl. Mon., NM (16″x38″)

Organ Mountains Sunset

I took a panorama of the flatiron-like foothills at the base of the Organ Mountains outside Las Cruces, New Mexico. I decided to keep one version of the panorama in color and to convert the other to black and white. I like the color of the sunset, but the black and white has a more subtle, silvery glow.


Flatiron Sunset (color), Organ Mountain National Monument, NM (16″x49″)


Flatiron Sunset (B&W), Organ Mountain National Monument, NM (16″x49″)

Organ Mountains, New Mexico

Last fall, I spent a weekend near Las Cruces, New Mexico and had a chance to wander through the foothills of the Organ Mountains. I took a few photographs at the abandoned Boyd’s Sanatorium around sunset before I headed back to the car.


Setting Sun near Boyd Sanatorium, Organ Mountains National Monument, NM (16″x38″)


Light and Shadow near Boyd Sanatorium, Organ Mountains National Mon., NM (12″x18″)

Farm House and Storm

On my way to Great Sand Dunes, I stopped along the highway to photograph this abandoned house in a field as a summer thunderstorm passed overhead. If you read my photography blog, you know that I love to photograph clouds (and would have stopped to shoot them anyway), but it was even better to have a dramatic foreground element. Additionally, the Dunes hug the foothills of the mountains in the background.

FarmHouseSummerStormFarm House and Summer Storm, near Hooper, CO (16″x62″)

Tunnel to the Sky

This winter, I revisited a slot canyon at Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico that I photographed a few years ago. The eroded tube of rock in this vertical panorama sits to the left of the main slot. I keep coming back to this area because the repeating patterns of layered ash lead the eye upwards to a small window of winter sky above.


Tunnel to the Sky, Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, New Mexico (16″x24″)