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Sandia Mountain Winter Storm, Part 1

Winter storm clouds obscure the top of the Sandia Mountains outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sandias and Winter Clouds (Panorama #1, 2021), Cibola National Forest, New Mexico (18″x67″)

Panoramas of Ridges from Craggy Pinnacle

Panoramas of shadows on the ridges along the Blue Ridge Parkway, shot from Craggy Pinnacle Summit, NC.

Ridges and Shadows from Craggy Pinnacle Summit (B&W), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (20″x67″)

Cloud over Ridges and Shadows from Craggy Pinnacle Summit (B&W), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (20″x54″)

Panorama of Clouds from Craggy Pinnacle

Panorama of light and shadow on the mountains and clouds over the Blue Ridge Parkway, shot from Craggy Pinnacle Summit, NC.

Clouds and Mountains from Craggy Pinnacle Summit (B&W), Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (21″x65″)

Grayson Highlands Panorama, Part 3

Panorama of the ponies under a tree on the ridge trail to Mount Rogers in Grayson Highlands.

Grayson Highlands Ridge and Ponies Panorama (#4, Color), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (16″x50″)

Grayson Highlands Panorama, Part 2

Panorama of the views along the trail to Mount Rogers in Grayson Highlands, this time looking back to the south down the ridge towards the trailhead.

Grayson Highlands Ridge Top Panorama (#7, Color), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (16″x66″)

Grayson Highlands Panorama, Part 1

I haven’t been as focused on panoramic photography recently- instead I’ve been making more single-frame photographs focused on time (long exposure). However, sometimes it is just too hard to capture the magnificent views of a rolling landscape with a single-frame photograph. Here is one of the panoramas I took from the ridge leading up to Mount Rogers from Rhododendron Trail in Grayson Highlands back in the July, 2021.

Grayson Highlands Ridge Top Panorama (#8, Color), Grayson Highlands State Park, VA (16″x52″)

Catawba Falls Panorama

Vertical panorama of Catawba Falls from the side of the cascades.

Catawba Falls from side (panorama), near Old Fort, NC (15.5″x22″)

Rain Clouds over Seaview Fishing Pier

After making a series of long-exposure photographs focused on the movement in the clouds and water, I decided to make a panorama that highlights the texture in the clouds and the streaks of rain over the ocean. I chose a half-second exposure time to get some blur in the water and people walking by on the beach to better emphasize the clouds and pier.

Rain Clouds over Ocean near Seaview Fishing Pier, Topsail Island, North Carolina (12″x42″)

Panorama of Crater Lake and Maroon Bells

Crater Lake, Maroon Bells, and Passing Clouds (B&W, 2021), White River National Forest, CO (16″x51″)

Sunset and Clouds from Mt Mitchell

Light from the setting sun shines below the clouds over the Blue Ridge Mountains, shot from the summit of Mt Mitchell, NC. Similar to last week’s post, but I wanted to zoom in on the clouds and mountains and crop out the tree tops in the foreground.

Layered Mountains, Clouds, Light (Panorama #6), Mt Mitchell, NC (16″x39″)

Layers of Light at Sunset from Mt Mitchell

The setting sun peaked out from behind rain clouds, casting yellow and gold beams of light onto the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Layered Mountains, Clouds, Light (Panorama #8), Mt Mitchell, NC (16″x52″)

Sunset at Summit of Mt Mitchell

Rain clouds and fog draped over the ridge north of Mt Mitchell just after sunset.

Clouds and Fog at Sunset (Panorama #2), Mt Mitchell, NC (16″x43″)

Blue Ridge Parkway Overlook

Since moving to North Carolina, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mt Mitchell a few times. Every time I drive by this overlook, I think about photographing the dead tree hanging over the steep hillside just off the road. I’m still trying to get the composition right- this is getting close, but not quite there. Rain clouds were moving in when I set up to shoot this panorama, which provided a nice backdrop for the trees.

Lone Tree Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (16″x43″)

Roaring Fork Creek Falls, NC

Roaring Fork Creek Falls near the base of Mt Mitchell, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Forest. I liked the zig-zag path the water takes down the rocks.

Roaring Fork Creek Falls (Panorama), Pisgah National Forest, NC (16″x36″)

Roaring Fork Creek Falls (Single Frame), Pisgah National Forest, NC (12″x18″)

Panorama of Clouds at Mt Mitchell

Panorama of clouds and a window in the clouds, shot from the top of Mt Mitchell, NC.

MtMitchell_CloudsWindow_BW_Panorama_WebsiteSizePanorama of Clouds at the Summit of Mt Mitchell, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC (16″x49″)


Towering Thunderhead near Asheville, NC

Decided to escape the heat in the Raleigh/Durham area, so I spent the weekend hiking in the mountains near Asheville, NC. Gorgeous views of thunderstorms over the mountains out there. I ended up shooting this as a double-stacked panorama to capture the height of the building clouds.

BlueRidgePkwy_TowerCloud_BW_WebsiteSizeBuilding Clouds over Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC (20″x32″)


Bulb Exposure of Mt Sopris and Clouds

While driving across the country in June, I stopped in Carbondale, Colorado to take my annual photograph of Mt Sopris. This time I decided to make the long shadows across the field an abstract, black foreground element. Exposure time was ~4-5 minutes with a 10-stop ND filter to get a little blur in the passing clouds.

SoprisBulbExp_June2020_BW_WebsiteSizeMt Sopris, Shadow, and Clouds (B&W, Bulb), near Carbondale, CO (7″x16″)

Eastern Colorado Thunderstorm, Part 2

Another panorama of storms over the eastern Colorado plains off I-70 on County Road 134.

StormClouds_Glow_Pano3_WebsiteSizeStorm Clouds and Glow on Horizon (Panorama #3), near Agate, CO (16″x37″)

Eastern Colorado Thunderstorm

I recently drove from Washington State to North Carolina. It was a haul, but there were some fantastic storms in Colorado. After passing through a wild hail/rain/thunderstorm in Denver, I pulled off I-70 on County Road 134 (near Agate) to photograph the surrounding storm clouds. There’s unfortunately no strong foreground element in this panorama, but I hope the texture of the boiling storm clouds is enough eye candy!

StormCloudsHorizonGlow_Agate_CO_2020Storm Clouds and Glow on Horizon, near Agate, CO (16″x55″)

Spring Rain Clouds over Downtown Seattle

Spring rain clouds pass over the Seattle skyline. Note the lack of cars on I-5 at ~4PM.

JPRBridge-Clouds_Pano1_March31_2020Clouds over Downtown Seattle from JPR Bridge, Seattle, WA (16″x28″)

Snoqualmie Falls Panorama

Panorama of Snoqualmie Falls- wish I had included a bit more foreground as the bottom of the ravine feels cut off in this one. I’ll have to take another trip out there when it’s more foggy/cloudy so I don’t get that burned out white spot in the sky!

SnoqualmieFalls_Color_Pano1Snoqualmie Falls in Late Winter (Color Panorama #1), Snoqualmie, WA (16″x28″)


Views from Dirty Harry’s Balcony

View from Dirty Harry’s Balcony of winter clouds over I-90 and the Cascades between Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass.

DirtyHarryBalcony_Pano3_ColorClouds over I-90 from Dirty Harry’s Balcony (#3, Color),
near Snoqualmie Pass, WA (16″x44″)

DirtyHarryBalcony_Pano9_ColorClouds over I-90 from Dirty Harry’s Balcony (#3, Color),
near Snoqualmie Pass, WA (16″x44″)

Hike to Dirty Harry’s Balcony

Mid-January rain clouds gather on the I-90 corridor between Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass. Views from the hike to Dirty Harry’s Balcony.

DirtyHarryBalcony_Clouds_Pano1_Color_2020Clouds over I-90 from Hike to Dirty Harry’s Balcony,
near Snoqualmie Pass, WA (16″x44″)

Santa Fe National Forest Winter Storm Clouds, 2019

Winter storm clouds gather behind cholla cacti on a plain west of I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cholla_WinterClouds_BW_SantaFeNatlForest_2019Cholla Cactus and Winter Storm Clouds (B&W Panorama #4),
Santa Fe National Forest, NM (16″x40″)