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Bulb Exposure of Mt Sopris and Clouds

While driving across the country in June, I stopped in Carbondale, Colorado to take my annual photograph of Mt Sopris. This time I decided to make the long shadows across the field an abstract, black foreground element. Exposure time was ~4-5 minutes with a 10-stop ND filter to get a little blur in the passing clouds.

SoprisBulbExp_June2020_BW_WebsiteSizeMt Sopris, Shadow, and Clouds (B&W, Bulb), near Carbondale, CO (7″x16″)

Hazy and Clear views of Mt Sopris

After the fires this summer, views of Mount Sopris from Carbondale and the surrounding area  were sadly hazy and smoky. A few evening rain clouds blew in over Sopris, but there wasn’t enough precipitation or wind to fully clear the air, leaving the views of one of my favorite mountains slightly obscured.


Sopris, Clouds, and Smoke, near Carbondale, CO (12″x18″)

Fortunately, on my last night in the area, the winds changed direction and pushed some of the smoke out of the region. It felt like I’d put on glasses- the view of Mount Sopris appeared crisp and well-defined as the setting sun cast a pink glow on the flanks of the mountain.


Sopris and Evening Clouds, near Carbondale, CO (12″x18″)

Sopris and Virga

Last week I posted a color panorama and a black and white single-frame photograph of Mount Sopris and passing storm clouds. I also shot a panorama of the mountain and virga (streaks of rain that had fallen from the clouds but evaporated before touching the ground).

SoprisandVirgaSopris and Virga, near Carbondale, CO (15″x60″)

Mt Sopris and Clouds

After hiking up Mount Sopris a few years ago, I stopped on my drive back to Carbondale to photograph Mt Sopris and the fields on the edge of town. At the time I unfortunately only had a small Nikon camera (not a full-frame SLR), so I took a “double-tall” panorama to try to make up for the lack of a nice camera (and I thought the final panorama turned out well). This summer, I decided to head back to the area, wait for a day with dramatic storm clouds, and photograph the scene again with my full-frame SLR.  When I stopped by (June), it wasn’t harvest season yet, so there are no hay bales in the foreground. Conditions aren’t always perfect, so I made do with the scene in front of me.

 SoprisandWheelLineSopris and Wheel Line, near Carbondale, CO (20″x60″)

SoprisVirgaTreeSopris, Virga, Tree, near Carbondale, CO (12″x18″)