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Storm Cloud over Central District

I intended to focus my photo shoot on the Sound and the downtown Seattle skyline, but when I arrived at the Jose P Rizal Bridge, an impressive storm cloud was lumbering over the Central District. I shot a few panoramas of the sky as the clouds changed shape, and this is my favorite.


Storm Cloud over Central District at Sunset, Seattle, WA (16″x72″)


Sunset over Westfjords, Iceland

As the sun was setting around midnight, I took a walk down to the water among grazing sheep and Arctic terns.

SunsetoverWestfjordCliffs_IcelandSunset over Westfjord Cliffs, near Hnjótur, Iceland (16″x”64″)

Rock Prow at Sunset

We scrambled and boulder-hopped onto a small ridge above camp to watch the sun set over the Rincon Mountains.RockProwCloudsatSunset Rock Prow at Sunset, east of Rincon Peak, AZ (12″x18″)

Shadows at Sunset

The rain stopped and many of the clouds started to clear off by sunset, so I climbed out of my tent, grabbed my camera and tripod, and rest stepped my way up the hill above camp to photograph the landscape as the sun descended over the ridge the west. I think the panorama with the rock in the foreground was one of my most successful photographs on the trip (first panorama). Although I don’t usually include my own image in my photographs, I also liked the way my shadow falls across the hillside opposite the setting sun (second panorama).


rockshadowatsunsetnepalRock Shadow at Sunset over the Lake, near Jumla, Nepal (16″x44″)

risingshadowsretreatingcloudssunsetnepalRising Shadows and Retreating Clouds at Sunset, near Jumla, Nepal (16″x60″)

Organ Peak and Boyd Sanatorium

The setting sun casts long shadows through the tufts of grass and yucca poles in the foothills; the angled light provides a sense of depth to the peaks.

PathBoydSanatoriumOrganPeakPath to Boyd Sanatorium and Organ Peak, Organ Mountains Natl. Mon., NM (16″x38″)

Organ Mountains Sunset

I took a panorama of the flatiron-like foothills at the base of the Organ Mountains outside Las Cruces, New Mexico. I decided to keep one version of the panorama in color and to convert the other to black and white. I like the color of the sunset, but the black and white has a more subtle, silvery glow.


Flatiron Sunset (color), Organ Mountain National Monument, NM (16″x49″)


Flatiron Sunset (B&W), Organ Mountain National Monument, NM (16″x49″)

La Jolla Coast Bulb Panorama

I have found that stitching together sunrise/sunset bulb exposures to make a panoramic photograph is quite difficult. Although I maintained the 30-second exposure for each frame in the panorama below, the dusk lighting constantly changed as I composed the separate frames of the image. When I stitched the images together, the tones of the ocean did not match at the edges of the images, likely due to both the changing light as well as the different number of waves captured in each frame. After a black and white conversion, I think this photograph turned out well, but I still need to improve my bulb panoramas at the golden hour. Below the panorama I also included a single-frame color photograph of the waves and the sun at sunset.

RocksAndMistyWavesRocks and Misty Waves, La Jolla, CA (16″x45″)


Sun, Waves, and Rocks, La Jolla, CA (12″x18″)

Sunset over Rockville, Utah

I stopped outside Zion National Park to camp in BLM land so I could get up early to hike the Narrows the next morning. Here is the view from our campsite looking back down valley towards Rockville and Zion along the Smithsonian Butte National Back Country Byway.

LookingBackToZionatSunsetLooking Back to Zion at Sunset, outside Rockville, Utah (16″x28″)

Saguaro National Park West Sunset

I drove through Saguaro National Park West and the Tucson Mountain Park for the first time in early January. As a Tucson resident, I am accustomed to seeing desert plants scattered around the city, but the number of cacti in Saguaro NP West is staggering. Giant saguaros grow right up to the bases of the Tucson Mountain Park cliffs, creating a forest of towering green cacti. I stopped around sunset to take two panoramas of the moonrise over the Tucson Mountains, one as the sun cast a golden glow on the cliffs, the other just after sunset.

MoonTucsonMountainsSunsetMoon and Tucson Mountains at Sunset, Tucson Mountain Park, AZ (16″x83″)

SaguaroMountainsMoonAfterSunsetSaguaro, Mountains, and Moon after Sunset, Tucson Mountain Park, AZ (16″x74″)

Evening Light on Frary Peak

Jagged, lichen-covered rocks and gnarled junipers line the backbone of Frary Peak on Antelope Island. As the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake, pink light reflects off the mountains and clouds in the distance.

RocksandJuniperonFraryPeakRocks and Juniper on Frary Peak, Antelope Island, Utah (16″x60″)

SunsetCaveAntelopeIslandSunset Cave, Antelope Island, Utah (12″x18″)