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Sandstone Bluffs in Zion East of Tunnel, Part 2

A stream cuts its way through crossbedding in sandstone in Zion National Park.

Stream Cutting through Crossbedding in Sandstone (B&W Panorama #1), Zion National Park, Utah (20″x40″)


Sandstone Bluffs in Zion East of Tunnel

While on a trip to Zion National Park, I hiked up an unmarked slot canyon to see a wall of petroglyphs and visit a slot canyon. The glyphs were amazing, but I was most impressed by the swooping crossbedding in the sandstone leading to towering bluffs and canyon walls.

Cross-Bedding on Sandstone (B&W Panorama #3), Zion National Park, Utah (20″x31″)

Tree over Observation Point

This tree hangs over the cliff next to the trail that winds up the steep rock face to Observation Point in Zion National Park.

TreeOverZiononApproachtoObservationPtTree over Zion on Approach to Observation Point, Zion National Park, Utah (16″x47″)

Light and River in the Narrows

A vertical panorama from a June trip through the Narrows in Zion National Park.

LightAndRiverHikerX16x36Light and River, The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah (16″x36″)

Shadows in the Narrows of Zion

There tends to be a break from southern Utah rainfall in mid-May to June, and this is the perfect time for canyoneering in Zion and hiking The Narrows. The spring snows have mostly melted, and the water is more tolerable without a wet suit. This June I spent a day in the Echo Canyon area, then I took an overnight trip down the Narrows from Chamberlains Ranch. Here is one of my favorite panoramas from one of the thinner sections in the Narrows.

NarrowsShadowsandLight16x28Narrows Shadow and Light, The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah (16″x28″)

Sunset over Rockville, Utah

I stopped outside Zion National Park to camp in BLM land so I could get up early to hike the Narrows the next morning. Here is the view from our campsite looking back down valley towards Rockville and Zion along the Smithsonian Butte National Back Country Byway.

LookingBackToZionatSunsetLooking Back to Zion at Sunset, outside Rockville, Utah (16″x28″)

Bend in the North Fork Virgin River

An oxbow bend in the North Fork Virgin River creates a nice foreground for the Court of the Patriarchs in Zion National Park.

CourtofThePatriarchsandRiverCourt of the Patriarchs, River, and Trees, Zion National Park, UT (24″x48″)

Tree Silhouette Over Zion

The drop off is breathtaking on either side of the thin fin of sandstone leading out to Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. By the time we reached the fin out the Landing, the sun had already set over parts of the park. I noticed this tree on the cliff edge, silhouetted against the pastel cliffs made bright by the disappearing light.

Tree_SilhouetteTree Silhouette at Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park, UT (16″x26″)

Trees on Cross Bedding

The winding road through the east side of Zion National Park cuts through multiple spectacular sandstone domes. These hills appear small from a distance until you see the trees growing on their flanks; the cross bedding is at least 5-10 meters high, with each curved,petrified deposit standing taller than the trees growing on the hillside. On a clear day (such as in the panorama, below), the red and white sandstone stands out in stark contrast against the deep blue sky behind.

Sandstone_Bluff_TreesSandstone Bluff and Trees, Zion National Park, UT (16″x44″)

Sun on the Cliffs in Zion

In mid-March, I spent a few days in southern Utah hiking, camping, and taking photographs in a few national parks. I walked up to Angel’s Landing as soon as I arrived at Zion National Park near the beginning of my trip. On the way up the side of the cliffs, I took a panorama of the view looking up and down canyon.


Sun on Cliffs at Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park, UT (16″x51″)