Landscape and Panoramic Photography


Durham Sunset and Passing Clouds

Horse grazes in a field beneath moving clouds outside Durham, NC.
152 s exposure.

Grazing Horse and Clouds at Sunset (#2), outside Durham, NC (14″x14″)

Black Mountain Tower at Night

Tower in an industrial park in Black Mountain, NC near the Black Mountain Ciderworks. 122 second exposure.

Tower in Industrial Park at Night, Black Mountain, NC (12″x18″)

Fall Leaves in B&W (Part 2)

More autumn leaves collected in the woods outside Durham, NC.

Fall Leaves (B&W, Part 2), outside Durham, NC (16″x21″, or up to 37″x40″)

Duke Tower and Passing Clouds

Still trying to find a balance between work, pandemic, and getting out to take photographs in a new location after moving across the country. I recently started taking my camera and tripod in my backpack when I go out cycling, and I was near this tower around sunset yesterday when I decided to stop and take a ~2 minute exposure of the clouds passing over the structure- I love the contrast of the incredibly straight, human-made lines against the smoothed passing clouds in the sky.

Duke Tower and Passing Clouds at Sunset (#1, B&W), Durham, NC (14″x21″)

Autumn Fog outside Durham, Part 2

More trees from my early morning bike rides in the autumn fog.

Tree and Road in Morning Autumn Fog, outside Durham, NC (14″x21″)

Autumn Fog outside Durham

Tree poking up through early morning fog outside Durham, NC. My Canon 5D Mark II finally bit the dust, so this is one of the first photographs I took with my new camera. Excited to get out there and use it more!

Tree in Autumn Fog, outside Durham, NC (14″x21″)

Fall Leaves in B&W and Color (2020, Part 1)

Found a few leaves in the woods that are starting to change color and rot. Scanned on my Epson film/flatbed scanner, which enables me to get a ridiculously high-resolution image that can really bring out the texture in the leaves (each of the images below is ~20″x~30″). Looking forward to more autumn leaves in the coming weeks!

Autumn Leaves (Part1, 2020), outside Durham, NC (20″x30″ each)

Sunset and Clouds from Mt Mitchell

Light from the setting sun shines below the clouds over the Blue Ridge Mountains, shot from the summit of Mt Mitchell, NC. Similar to last week’s post, but I wanted to zoom in on the clouds and mountains and crop out the tree tops in the foreground.

Layered Mountains, Clouds, Light (Panorama #6), Mt Mitchell, NC (16″x39″)

Layers of Light at Sunset from Mt Mitchell

The setting sun peaked out from behind rain clouds, casting yellow and gold beams of light onto the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Layered Mountains, Clouds, Light (Panorama #8), Mt Mitchell, NC (16″x52″)

Sunset at Summit of Mt Mitchell

Rain clouds and fog draped over the ridge north of Mt Mitchell just after sunset.

Clouds and Fog at Sunset (Panorama #2), Mt Mitchell, NC (16″x43″)