Landscape and Panoramic Photography


Bridges over Tennessee River, Part 2

More long-exposure photographs of clouds and bridges over the Tennessee River using a 15-stop ND filter. Here, I liked how the leading lines of the clouds and the bridges direct the eye to the right third of the image, but the boardwalk in the foreground leads the eye back to the bridge on the left.

Tennessee River, Bridges, and Clouds (Part 2), Knoxville, TN (14″x21″)

Bridges and Clouds over Tennessee River

Visited Knoxville, TN for the first time a few weeks ago- it was cloudy and moderately chilly. I took a walk along the Tennessee River and used a 15-stop filter to make a few photographs of the passing clouds over the river. So much time and history has passed by this spot.

Tennessee River, Bridges, and Clouds, Knoxville, TN (14″x21″)

Tracks and Self Help, Durham

Buildings and railroad tracks under clouds passing at sunset in downtown Durham, NC. 80s exposure time.

Time and Self Help, Downtown Durham, NC (12″x20″)

Railroad Tracks and Clouds, Durham

Clouds pass over tracks through downtown Durham, NC. 121s exposure time.

Clouds over Tracks, Downtown Durham, NC (15″x15″)

Time Passes

Clouds mark the time passing by. Sometimes it feels slow, sometimes it feels fast. Sometimes we aren’t paying attention. Sometimes it’s all I can think about.

Clouds over White Building, Downtown Durham, NC (15″x22″)

Tree, Field, Passing Clouds in Eastern NC

On my way back from a short trip to the coast late last autumn, a storm blew in on the drive back. The clouds were really moving, so I pulled over on the side of a state highway to make a photograph of the sky over a blank field in front of a tree.

I unfortunately didn’t take the extra 5-10 minutes to walk around and shoot a few angles- I wish I’d moved closer and lower to the ground so the tree was bigger and extended more into the sky. Also, I mis-judged where the clouds were moving, so they lead the eye to the background on the left side of the photo- I think the center would have been better. Even after doing this photography thing for over two decades now, I still don’t get it ‘right’ or exactly the way I want most of the time, but the process is rewarding in itself.

Field, Tree, and Passing Cloud, eastern NC (14″x14″)

ND Awards 2021 Entries

Spent a bit of time thinking this weekend about my ND Awards entries for 2021- decided on the below images:

Trees in Shallows at Hatteras Inlet, NC

Shot from a stretch of quiet coastline west of the US Coast Guard station on Hatteras: long-exposure photograph of small islands and trees on the Sound side of the Outer Banks. 25-second exposure.

Trees in Shallows (Color), Hatteras Inlet, Outer Banks, NC (12″x22″)

Dune Light and Shadow- Hatteras Series, Part II

Debris and structures cast shadows across the dunes on Hatteras Island. Second half 6-part photo series:

Dune and Shadows (B&W, #4), Hatteras, North Carolina (15″x22″)

Dune and Shadows (B&W, #5), Hatteras, North Carolina (15″x22″)

Dune and Shadows (B&W, #6), Hatteras, North Carolina (15″x22″)

Dune Light and Shadow- Hatteras Series, Part I

Debris and structures cast shadows across the dunes on Hatteras Island. 6-part photo series, first 3 posted here:

Dune and Shadows (B&W, #1-3), Hatteras, North Carolina (15″x22″)